Men's Society The Stag Survival Kit

The perfect stag gift - funny, helpful and great on a night out. We can't promise he won't show up to the altar with a Mike Tyson face tattoo, but at least he won't be hungover and smell like booze when he does it.

This stag night gift comes with a hip flask and dog tag necklace. Ideal for getting hammered (responsibly, of course) on the night out then finding his way back at the end of it all. The next morning, he'll be thankful for the wash set. Basically, any stag night accessory he needs in included in this tin.

Pocket Hip Flask.

Dog Tag Rescue Necklace.

Shampoo & Body Wash 50ml.

Toothbrush & Marvis Toothpaste 30ml.

Eye Mask.

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